Here at Evoca Group we have our own in house training facilities. We have a course schedule for the first half of 2018 which is available to download below, along with our course reservation slip and pre course questionnaire. Please get in touch on the details below to arrange your next training day at Evoca Group:

For any further details please contact our Technical Operations Manager : or

Customer Education Program Jan - Jun 2018

Evoca Course Reservation Slip

Evoca Pre Course Questionnaire

How to find Evoca Group

Technical Bulletins 

10_2014 - H&C, S&F, C&B - Rielda RS1 Lock and Keys Kit

11_2014 - H&C, S&F, C&B - Rielda RS1 Lock and SN machines

02_2015 - S&F - New Unified CPU Board Samba Top

05_2015 - H&C - Multipin Connectors Replace Faston

08_2015 - H&C - Canto - Volumetric counter 1.2mm modification

Technical Bulletin 310516 - Sigma Brewer 

T1_B02_2016_Canto Touch Error 34


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